Sir Alexander Abercromby Nelson KCB JP

Educated at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, Alexander Nelson was commissioned into the 40th Regiment of Foot as an ensign in 1835. He served in Kandahar and in Afghanistan in 1841 and 1842 and took part in the Battle of Hyderabad in 1843 during the Conquest of Sindh. He was appointed Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General at Portsmouth in 1854 and subsequently became brigade major there before being made Deputy Adjutant-General in Jamaica in 1864. imagesHe was responsible for putting down the Morant Bay rebellion there, ordering the trial of George Gordon who was subsequently hanged in 1865. There was great controversy about this in England, leading to the formation of a Jamaica Committee and calls for the prosecution of the Governor, Eyre and also Nelson. 5587158-MHe nonetheless went on to be Assistant Adjutant-General for Cork district in 1867 and Adjutant-General in Gibraltar in 1873. He became Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey in 1879. He lived 30 June 1814 to 28 September 1893 and in 1846 married Emma Georgiana Hibbert.

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