Kathy Nelson, music supervisor

77960One of the most influential figures in film music, Kathy Nelson has not only pioneered and defined the movie and television soundtrack business, but has paved the way for other women to follow her into the highest ranks of the entertainment industry.  In 2001, she was named President of Film Music for Universal Pictures and Universal Music Group, becoming the first executive to oversee music in both areas at major entertainment companies.  Her position is unique for a major studio: she helps choose the music; she sets up collaborations between writers, musicians and filmmakers; and she makes sure the music chosen can fit into the film’s overall budget. Nelson – who some sources say comes from the famous line of Nelsons that includes Ozzie, Harriet and Ricky – began her career in the record industry, first working as a secretary for RCA Records, where she stayed for 11 years. She then moved to Disney to head their film music department, before landing the job at Universal.

77954From 2004-2009, she continued in her role as President of Film Music, Universal Pictures, overseeing music for all Universal films, including Working Title and Focus Features projects.  Recently ranked no.12 on Billboard’s “Women In Music Power Players” list, and no.46 on the Hollywood Reporter’s “Power 100: Women In Entertainment” list, Nelson continues to set the creative and business standards of the film music industry.

Fox is now developing a drama based on one woman’s rise through the music industry in the 1980s, back when the business was all cocaine and cassingles, and the biggest threat out there was Maxell. Deadline reports that the show, Full Nelson, will be loosely based on the life and career of Kathy Nelson, the former president of film music for Universal and Disney, who rose through the ranks by working for many years as an executive at MCA (and whose famed family tree includes Ozzie, Harriet, Ricky, and those other Nelsons). In her time as a soundtrack supervisor, Nelson helped assemble the songs for Krippendorf’s Tribe, as well as working on other films like Beverly Hills Cop, Pulp Fiction, Pump Up The Volume, High Fidelity, and Rushmore.


Full Nelson is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, for whom Nelson worked on films like Con Air, The Rock, and Dangerous Minds. Jeffrey Lieber (best known for writing the original, abandoned pilot for what became Lost and also for creating the short-lived dramas Miami Medical and The Whole Truth) will handle the script. 

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