John William Nelson, engineer RN

hms-terror-600x389John William Nelson 1840-1903, was a Royal Navy engineer. Born in Scotland in 1840, he spent most of his life in England where he married and had eight children, naming the last two Septimus and Octavia. He had retired by 1891. Ten years before, in 1881, John was recorded in the census as the engineer of HMS Terror in Bermuda, under the captainship of John Moresby, after whose family Port Moresby was named. HMS Terror was a 16-gun iron screw floating battery launched in 1856. She became the base ship at Bermuda in 1857 and was sold in 1902. Two generations of Moresbys gave a century of service to the Royal Navy, much of it in overseas duty, with John’s including the pleasant position as Captain-in-Charge at the Bermuda Dockyard, flying his pennant on the old warship, HMS Terror, a fixture of Grassy Bay for many years in its dotage.

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