George Nelson, Lord Mayor of London

XJ112337George Nelson, Lord Mayor of London was born in about 1709. He was a member and later both one of the three wardens and then Master (in 1767) of the Grocer’s Company, one of the celebrated London Livery companies and Alderman of Aldersgate ward from 12 Aug 1755 before being made Sheriff on 24 Jun 1757 and then elected Lord Mayor of London on 28 Sep 1765 at the Guildhall.2063737 He was married twice, the second time to Mary Bell, daughter of Humphrey Bell Esq., an eminent Virginia merchant. (London Magazine and Gentleman’s Quarterly). Humphrey left him some 1395 acres of land in his will in 1757, which George Nelson sold to Thomas Coleman of Spotsylvania Co. Virginia on 1 Oct 1759.

His only son was also called George, and became common cryer of the City. The office of Common Cryer and Sergeant-at-Arms may be the oldest of the three ceremonial offices. The Common Cryer and Sergeant-at-Arms carries the Great Mace of Government before the Lord Mayor. The office was established well before 1338 when it was held by one of the King’s Serjeant-at-Arms. In 1419 the title held by the mace bearer was Common Sergeant-at-Arms of the City, otherwise called the Common Cryer. He had a salary of sixty shillings a year, robes, fees from the Alderman and Sheriffs and a ‘sufficient horse’ for the honour of the City. By 1559 the current title was in use.

George jnr. died on 9 Mar 1797 but was married and his son, also called George became the curate of St. Andrew’s Church in Chedworth, Gloucestershire where he died on 16 Nov 1811. He is commemorated by a monument in the church. (European Magazine and London Review).

XJ112340George Nelson snr. died in Bath on 23 Nov 1766.

He was buried in the chancel of St. Nicholas Cole Abbey on 4 Dec 1766.

There is a tablet to him and “also the body of Mary his second wife “.


His arms: Gules, on a bend azure, a cross formee argent, appear on this map of his Aldersgate ward in London, quartered azure a lion rampant or.

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