Frederick William Nelson, merchant

Frederick William Nelson was born in London around 1828-3, the son of Edward Nelson a Piccadilly boot-maker. He left London quite early in is life and settled in Birmingham where in 1851 he was a commission agent and in 1861 a hardware merchant. In Sep 1863 he married Eliza Merry, the daughter of a Highgate doctor, Robert Merry MD, FRCS London and LSA. They had four children and lived in Church Road and Harborne Road in Edgbaston, carrying out the occupation of a merchant trading with Brazil and South America. He was still doing this as an employer in 1901 aged 77, and he died on 2 Sep 1926 in London. His two sons, Frederic Merry and Charles Percy, both emigrated to Australia in the 1880’s.

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